Make It Happen

Today I want to share a little bit about why the tagline “Make It Happen” is so important to me and my business.

Today I want to share a little bit about why the tagline “Make It Happen” is so important to me and my business.

Here’s the backstory: I first came up with the tagline for myself as a personal motto. I was sick of waiting: waiting for the right time to start, for other people to step up, for the right situation, or to be mentally ready. I’m not the most patient person so I actually didn’t do a ton of waiting. But, I found I was coming up with way too many excuses that were slowing me down and I knew I had to stop. I couldn’t wait or rely on other people to help me achieve my goals. I decided to just start Making It Happen.

There are many examples of the correlation between positive thinking and success. The book Think and Grow Rich is all about setting goals, believing you can achieve them, and not letting anything get in your way. There are also multiple studies about how a positive attitude affects the success rate of treatments for ill patients.

I don’t want to get all fluffy about how we all just need to think positive and good things will happen. That’s not the case. You still have to work your ass off to be successful. I see way too many people acting like they deserve something they didn’t really earn. No one owes you shit, especially as it relates to your own success. If you expect or wait for someone else to Make It Happen for you, it most likely never will.

I have this phrase printed out and hanging in my office to remind me every day to keep pushing. It’s become something I use to help motivate myself in all aspects of my life. Over time, I’ve also found that the motto has also resonated with my trainees and colleagues, which brings me to the reason I’m writing about this.

One thing I’ve learned from training reps around the world is that every office has some sort of motivational poster hanging up, but very few of those are for us in sales. Today I’m excited to announce the launch of my first online store which includes my Make It Happen poster as well as my Guiding Principles that have helped me in my sales career.

I am hopeful that the products in my store will help people get and stay motivated. I’m also excited that this will create the chance for me to give back as I will be donating a portion of the proceeds to a few charities near and dear to me (more to come on this).

Don’t wait to go after your goals and don’t rely on other people for your success. We only have one life. No one ever regrets the things they did when they near the end of their life, they only regret what they didn’t do. Get out there and Make It Happen!

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