Interview: Prospecting Personalization At Scale With Jordan Barta

Prospecting personalization is the hottest thing in sales at the moment.


Prospecting personalization is the hottest thing in sales at the moment. Everybody wants to work out how to do prospecting personalization at scale. Some say it’s not possible, some say there are hacks you can use to do it. We’re asking reps and leaders who are in the weeds for their take on this. This time, Jordan Barta tells us about how he works and his rules for making yourself successful in sales.

Here’s a hint, prospecting personalization is huge.

Following The Data

Morgan: Alright, so what are your top 3 prospecting tips right now that are working for you?

Jordan: I think personalization is key. Whether it’s an email blast, it’s a phone call and a voicemail. If it’s LinkedIn, personalize everything. Nobody likes getting generic stuff. If it’s a text message, same case.

Number two, follow up. So I think knowing your cadence, what you want your cadence to be is key. Every industry is different. Every sales cycle is different. So if it’s snail mail, if it’s phone calls, if it’s emails, know the process of what works. Most organizations have data behind how many conversations it takes to create an opportunity to qualify the opportunity. How many people are in the sales cycle, how, how long the sales cycle takes takes. So knowing the cadence that speaks to that data is big.

Number 3 would be content creation and online social engagement. So I think getting your picture out there, getting your name out there so that when you bring the whole thing together they know you is important. You’ve left a voicemail. They heard your name, you sent them a tweet, they saw your Twitter handle, you hit them up on LinkedIn, they saw your message. All those things can come together and eventually they say, ah, I remember that name. Or I remember that picture. You’ve been bugging me about X, Y, and Z over the last couple of months. Now I’m ready to talk.

The Biggest Factor In Prospecting Success

Morgan: So out of all of these, which would you say is most important regardless of the situation or industry you’re looking at?

Jordan: I think prospecting personalization is the most key. Um, you know, using somebody’s name, finding something about them that you find relevant, or they wrote an article or they posted something on LinkedIn or, um, something about their industry. So finding a way to personalize it to be custom or to them.

Morgan: Yeah, I think that’s super important. And that’s just the followup on that. That’s just doing prior research before you reach out. So think about people saying prospecting personalization at scale. I call it relevancy at scale. Personalization should be there anyway, but the relevancy or how they resonate is what gets the response.

Prospecting Personalization At Scale

Morgan: How do you make sure that you are being relevant at scale? I know that’s a question that people will probably have. How do I do that at scale? My boss is telling me to hit all these crazy metrics. What is your advice to those people?

Jordan: Know the industry that you’re approaching. So obviously you’re gonna personalize it based on their name, but if you’re focusing on an industry, manufacturing or healthcare, being able to follow up with something that maybe one of your customers is experience helps them resonate. Hey, our other customer in healthcare or manufacturing is experiencing this. Paint the picture to personalize it and generalize it enough to where you’re not only writing five emails a day, you’re able to still write quite a few. But industry level resonation is the best success I’ve had.

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